The Dream League is a premier spring showcase. The Dream League is the stage upon which both established and undiscovered HS players showcase their skills. It is the medium through which our athletes can maintain and hone their skills in preparation for the July NCAA viewing period.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to help guide the athletes to be their very best. We want athletes to succeed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Every player that participates is not a number to us, but an opportunity to educate, equip, and encourage reaching her dreams.

May thru June 2018


DATE / TIMECourt 1Court 2
May 24; 6:30 PMLynwood Knights vs. 16U NationalEYBL vs Team Taurasi
May 24; 7:15 PMTeam Taurasi vs. 17U Elite16U Elite vs 16U National
May 24; 8:00 PMStorm Black vs. Lynwood Knights16U Elite vs. EYBL
May 24; 8:45 PMLynwood Knights vs Team TaurasiStorm Black vs 17U Elite