Standing at 6-foot-2 and wearing Cornell gear so comfortably it looks like a second skin, there is little doubt on first appearance that senior Nicholle Aston is an athlete. But look closer and you’ll see something else.

You will see a young woman who wears her truth just as comfortably as that Cornell gear.

You will see a first-team Academic All-District selection with a 3.76 GPA in biology and society with a triple minor, who carries her books in a Cornell women’s basketball backpack adorned with a pride pin.

You will see a SoCal native who uses her position as the Education and Advocacy Intern at Cornell’s LGBT Resource Center to try and make the world a little bit of a better place.

You will see a student-athlete who has used the love and support from her parents, teammates, and coaches to erase insecurity, allowing her to concentrate on becoming one of the best players on the court for the Big Red over the past two seasons.

You will see the well-rounded, well-adjusted person that Aston has become during her time at Cornell.

What you won’t see is the years of internal struggle that brought her to where she is now. Click To Read More.....

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